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Allgemein artikel name: of sound mind genre: metal produkt typ: cd label: tee pee titelanzahl: 8 dauer: 71:27 trackliste cd - 1 1. Ancestors - from nothing 1:06 2. Ancestors - mother animal 14:31 3. Ancestors - not the last return 1:29 4. Ancestors - bounty of age 13:44 5. Ancestors - friend 3:06 6. Ancestors - trial 17:34 7. Ancestors - challenging 6:25 8. Ancestors - ambrose law 13:32 beschreibung beschreibung los angeles-based heavy-psych quartet ancestors have, as their name suggests, thoroughly absorbed the work of their late-'60s & early-'70s forebears. They tend to go for a doomy, psychedelic sound reminiscent of deep purple, meddle-era pink floyd & uriah heep rather than the amped-up stomp of grand funk railroad or hawkwind's spacy explorations. Their first release, neptune with fire, contained only two songs in just under 40 minutes, & was more about mood than aggressive forward movement. This follow-up, quite clearly designed to be heard on double-vinyl as it includes four lengthy pieces, features as much organ as guitar, & the vocals are sometimes a hoarse roar & other times are delivered in a group singalong style that recalls rock bands affiliated with cults, like ya ho wha 13. The drums even have that early-'70s cardboard-box sound. The long tracks are bracketed by short fragments: "not the last return" is 90 seconds of aimless piano, while "a friend" offers three minutes of synth squiggles & drones leading into the nearly 18-minute "the trial," which starts off a floydian guitar jam & becomes almost mastodon-heavy toward the end. Another piano piece, this one over six minutes long, introduces the album's final cut, the aggressive "the ambrose law," a very uriah heep-like rave-up that takes the disc out on a high note. Though there are no new ideas here, ancestors have cherry-picked the best ones from 35 years ago, & longhairs who think rock music's been on a downward slide since 1975 will love this album. ~ phil freeman phil freeman mitwirkende producer: ancestors record label: teepee records vocals: chico foley vocals: nick long fretless bass: nick long keyboards: chico foley vocals: j. Christopher watkins guitar: justin maranga guitar (12 string): justin maranga guitar (bass): nick long drums: brandon pierce producer: pete lyman piano: j. Christopher watkins vocals: justin maranga sitar (electric): justin maranga electronics: chico foley organ: j. Christopher Watkins Engineer: Pete Lyman Percussion: Brandon Pierce
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