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Тип продуктаAbis dvd
производительFox Home Entertainment
Item up for sale in this listing: the sandlot collection 1, 2 & 3 triple feature brand new - sealed dvd movie collection includes all 3 full-length films as listed below.the sandlot the sandlot 2 the sandlot: heading homegenuine u.s. Retail release, brand new, original factory sealed all of our dvds are 100% authentic. They are not copies, bootlegs, etc., over 15 years as a trusted ebay seller! About us: we are a small family who work together to run this business on ebay. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we take extra measures to ensure that our customers get the very best service. We have been selling on ebay for over 15 years, so you can purchase from us with confidence. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to send us an ebay message (ericy31). *please do not send messages to my e-mail address* -- i can only answer ebay messages. The buyer of this item will receive an ebay confirmation message which will give the customer the product's shipping information as well as my telephone number. We want our customers to feel comfortable knowing that they can contact us by phone or ebay message, & that they are dealing with an honest seller.condition: brand new in factory seal. Unopened. Payment: we can only accept paypal for this item. Thank you. Shipping time: all items are shipped before 11:30 am est the morning after payment is made. (exception: holidays, sundays) shipping method: this item will ship usps first class mail (usually 2-6 business days) within the u.s. If you have any questions about your package please send me an ebay message.n.c. Residents sales tax: there is sales tax for north carolina residents only. There is no sales tax for buyers outside north we leave the customer feedback as soon as payment is received. Before leaving our feedback, should an issue arise with the item, please message me so i can resolve the problem. We do all that we can to make our customer's happy. Customer satisfaction matters a great deal to us. Dsr ratings: we work hard to earn 5-star ratings: questions are answered the same day, if not sooner, all packages are shipped out the following morning (exception sundays & holidays), & we keep shipping & handling charges to a minimum. After you have received your item, if you don't feel that we deserve 5-star ratings, please message us here at ebay to let us know what we might do to improve our customer service & satisfaction. Remember: the higher our dsr ratings, the more we save on ebay fees -- & that means greater discounts for our customers. Thank you for taking the time to view this listing & to read these details. Please know that you may purchase our products with the utmost confidence. Check out my other items! Be sure to add me to your favorites list!
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20th Century Fox
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